fivethirtyeight Unreleased

  • Added vignette corresponding to Technology Innovations in Statistics Education paper
  • Removed tidyverse from DESCRIPTION Depends, Imports, or Suggests fields
  • Added state_info dataframe of state name, abbreviation, US census division/region
  • Added state_abbrev variable to hate_crimes dataset so that users can plot state abbreviations via geom_text(aes(label = state_abbrev)) instead of using less informative geom_point()

fivethirtyeight 0.4.0 2018-02-11

  • Package website now at
  • Added new data sets:
    • By Meredith Manley: ahca_polls, bachelorette, candy_rankings, chess_transfers, generic_polllist, generic_topline, mayweather_mcgregor_tweets, mlb_elo, ratings, spi_global_rankings, spi_matches.
    • By Maggie Shea: google_trends, nba_carmelo, nfl_elo, nfl_fandom_google, nfl_fandom_surveymonkey, mediacloud_hurricanes, mediacloud_states, mediacloud_online_news, mediacloud_trump, riddler_pick_lowest, sandy_311, senators, tv_hurricanes, tv_hurricanes_by_network, tv_states, trump_approval_poll, trump_approval_trend, trumpworld_issues,trumpworld_polls, twitter_presidents, undefeated
  • Note for now mayweather_mcgregor_tweets, mlb_elo, nba_carmelo, nfl_elo, senators, only include the first 10 rows of the data because of R package file size restrictions (< 5MB tarballs); code to download/process the entire dataset are included in help files. We hope to include full versions of these datasets in v0.5.0 of package using the drat package.
  • Converted all ordinal categorical variables to factor(..., ordered = TRUE). Ex: bechdel$clean_test
  • Vignette notes:
    • Added a vignette that has a link to all user-contributed vignettes, which are only available on development version of package and on GitHub due to CRAN package size restrictions.
    • For all datasets that have a user contributed vignette, add a link to it in the corresponding help/roxygen code file.
  • Added CITATION

fivethirtyeight 0.3.0 2017-08-08

  • Added new and missing data sets: riddler_castles2, antiquities_act, goose, tenth_circuit
  • Added more crowd-sourced vignettes: bob_ross.Rmd, tarantino_swears.Rmd
  • Only main and bechdel vignettes included in package b/c of CRAN package size restrictions. Other crowd-sourced analysis vignettes still available
  • Other minor changes:
    • Fixed levels in bechdel$clean_test and bechdel$test to match hierarchical nature of test

fivethirtyeight 0.2.0 2017-03-15

  • Added new and missing data sets up through February 28, 2017: college_grad_students, college_recent_grads, cousin_marriage, hate_crimes, pres_2016_trail, riddler_castles
  • Added first crowd-sourced vignettes: comics_gender, NBA, trump_twitter
  • Added global help file for package: ?fivethirtyeight with complete instructions
  • Started adding @examples code in help files to convert to tidy data format so that data plays nice with tidyverse tools.
  • Other minor changes:

fivethirtyeight 0.1.0 2017-01-09

  • Included all data sets as of late December 2016. love-actually being the latest
  • Included one code example as a Vignette: bechdel